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Discovering your Signature Fragrance

A signature scent may not be for everyone, but it is undeniable that it sets the stage for your presence and personality in a room. Perfumes can also influence your mood. Floral and airy scents are feminine, uplift your spirits and can purify your mind. Earthy and musky scents centers and grounds your spirit and adds a hint of sensuality. Citrus scents stimulate and awaken the senses. Depending on your personality and mood, there is a perfume that fits you perfectly.

"Being a perfectionist at heart, I spent over 6 months trying different fragrances before deciding and purchasing my first signature scent."

The trouble is finding it. Being a perfectionist at heart, I spent over 6 months trying different fragrances before deciding and purchasing my first signature scent. While that is certainly excessive,  I have developed some tips to help you decide on that perfect scent for you.


5 Tips to help you find your perfect fragrance

1) Go for a cup of coffee

Your first time going shopping for a fragrance will be overwhelming, as you should be trying a wide variety of scents, but it will help you narrow down what you're drawn to. Coffee beans in particular is is like hitting the refresh button between different scents. Try going for a cup of coffee next time you go shopping for your signature scent. Not only will it keep your olfactory sense from getting overwhelmed and keep each scent distinct, you'll have a relaxing time doing it!

2) What notes do you gravitate towards?

Keep in mind how you feel with each scent. Don't just limit your thoughts to whether you like it or not, but think about what it reminds you of, how it makes you feel, when you see yourself wearing it. Check the packaging and keep in mind what your main ingredients You'll start to realize certain scent families are appealing to you (citrus, floral, musky etc.) and particular notes (white rose, jasmine, orange flower etc.). From here, you can start narrowing down your signature scent.

3) Compare fragrances on your skin over time

Perfumes are an art of layering top, middle and base notes. Top notes evaporate quickly and are the first to hit your senses when you spray a fragrance. Middle notes are the main body of the scent that surfaces before the top note dissapitates. The base note is rich and deep, accentuating the other notes as it develops on your skin overtime.

Scents on your skin can vary drastically from how it smells on paper. Make sure you spray the fragrance on your pulse points and don't rub this to distribute, otherwise it can disrupt the top notes of the fragrances.Check to see if the scent fades throughout the day to help make your decision. A long-lasting fragrance is a sure sign of a well crafted perfume and reduces the cost per use.

High quality fragrances can get quite expensive and typically come in large bottles that could take years to finish. Like any purchase, you want to make sure you love it before committing. I highly recommend getting sample of the fragrance and other fragrances before you purchase, if possible. This way you can try them at the beginning of the day and get feedback from those around you. You can even try layering different fragrances in combination for a new effect. Try visiting a Sephora store in person - they have a large selection of fragrances on the floor and provide free samples for a select few you prefer. If your favorite perfume is at a store that doesn't provide samples, be patient and try it out at the store a couple more days by comparing scents on each wrist before make your decision.

4) Step outside your comfort zone

Don't be afraid to try something outside your comfort zone! Every scent reacts differently to your skin and develops over time. From experience, I normally don't like earthy, woodsy scents. When I tried Maison Margiela "Replica" Fantasies: Soul of the Forest on paper, it was very strong, earthy and woodsy. However, after spraying on my wrist and allowing it to settle for 5 minutes, it took on a soft, musky and slightly vanilla scent.


Best of luck on finding your signature scent! Let me know if any of these tips help and I would love to hear what you've discovered your signature scent is and why.



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