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The Floral Bomber – A Perfect Summer Statement Jacket

Summer floral patterns can be a beautiful complement to a neutral colored wardrobe - in the form of a statement floral bomber jacket. Multicolored florals can easily pair with your basics, without having to worry too much about matching colors to any particular color scheme. The contrast between the feminine floral pattern and the athletic silhouette of the bomber allows the jacket to be worn both casually and with work appropriate attire. 


"The contrast between the feminine floral pattern and the athletic silhouette of the bomber allows the jacket to be worn both casually and with work appropriate attire."

As a girl that loves her neutral basics, it’s always hard for me to decide what kind of colorful pieces to invest in and how to make it versatile in my wardrobe. If you’re like me and shy away from brightly colored clothing and accessories, it’s hard to find ways to incorporate spring & summer trends in your wardrobe. As a working professional, summertime in the office is always chilly and the AC is always at full blast, so a jacket or sweater is always essential in the summer for me.  My mission was to look for a beautiful summer jacket that would complement both my professional and off duty street style.

I fell in love with this floral bomber from Ted Baker (sold out). The pattern was not overwhelming and the florals are simple with beautiful pink, purple and green watercolors that blend seamlessly into each other. This jacket is one of the key essentials that help me transition between spring, summer and fall. My favorite way to pair this is with a simple lace body suit, high-waisted jeans and a pair of white sneakers or metallic flats for a beautiful summery look that is both simple yet sophisticated. For work, I like to pair this bomber with a solid colored summer dress for a look that is fashion forward yet work appropriate.


Although, my particular jacket sold out, I wanted to share the details of I look for when I invest in a statement jacket like this. To help you decide on your next statement jacket, here are some of my suggestions on what to look for:

  • Delicate floral pattern

I prefer a more elegant, simple floral pattern on a jacket as opposed to an overwhelming complex print. I looked for a jacket that had a solid background with a few floral prints so they can remain the focal point of the outfit. Take note of the colors in the floral patterns and consider how that best aligns with your particular wardrobe.

  • Patterned lining

This bomber has an exquisite floral interior lining, which not only looks beautiful when the jacket is open, but also keeps you warm. Look for a bomber with an interior lining with an interesting pattern.  

  • Hardware

If you didn’t know already, I have a penchant for gold hardware. I loved the fact this bomber had a gold zipper, which complements most of my gold or rose toned jewelry. Check if the hardware of your jacket matches your skin tone or accessories.



I prefer to invest in trend pieces that are versatile and worn throughout the seasons. Try these tips to help you find the perfect summer jacket that complements your wardrobe. Remember it’s the little details that make a jacket beautiful and enjoyable to wear throughout the years. Happy hunting!

What do you think about the floral bomber trend? Were my suggestions helpful in helping you find a statement jacket perfect for you?


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