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Tips to Organize your Kitchen for a Streamlined Routine


The kitchen is an area where you spend groggy mornings and late night dinners, but most importantly, it is a central necessity to your living space. The state of your kitchen helps establish your mood and feelings for the day when you wake up, and how you unwind after a long day of work. The struggle is really when trying to figure out how to organize your kitchen with minimal maintenance.

"...your kitchen helps establish your mood and feelings for the day when you wake up, and how you unwind after a long day of work."

Growing up as quite the messy person, I've lived the life of waking up and going to bed to dirty dishes in the sink for days and feeling like I will never be able to clear my counter space without spending hours upon hours of effort. Once a kitchen becomes too messy to handle, your motivation to cook or spend time in this area by yourself, with your partner, friends or family is significantly impacted.

It's taken me some time to understand the benefits of a clear kitchen space that is easy to maintain. Not only does it allow you motivation to cook healthy at home, but also gives a clean space for your mind to prepare for the day or unwind without the dizzying distraction of a mess. Take some time to plan your space out so that it takes a minimal effort to maintain. After several years of testing practical methods of keeping this space seamless and clear, I've come up with some tips to help create and maintain a zen like space.

"Take some time to plan your space out so that it takes minimal effort to maintain."


  1. Every item should have a home

Every item in your kitchen should have a home. That means understanding what space you have available in your kitchen in terms of drawers and cabinets. Do not consider your counter space as an area for storage. Each drawer or cabinet should have a category of items that are designated to be there.

2. Store close to usage area

Your items should be stored in an area that is as close as practicable to where you use it. For example, your dishes and pans, utensils should be stored relatively close to the dishwasher for ease of unloading, ensuring that the open cabinets do not interfere with the opening of the washer or your movement. Your cups should be close to the fridge from which you would pour a drink every morning. Spend the time to consider your routine and needs when planning the space out.

3. Counters should be clear of all items when not in use.

Kitchen machines such as toasters and blenders should be put away when not in use. Paper towels should be hung on the inside of cabinets using over the door towel racks to conceal them where possible. The habit of putting these items away in their home once used clears the counter space for when you want to cook, clean, or entertain at any point in the day.

4. Invest on items that can clear counter space

The power of clearing counter space to provide a spacious area starts with investing in items to hide regular day-to-day (paper towel holders in the cabinet, space for garbage can in cabinet) - no need to display things like paper towers etc even if it's a nice marble item - also makes it harder to wipe down. Cloth should be hung inside the cabinet with 3M hooks.

5. Display beautiful large machinery used daily 

Objects such as a beautiful espresso machine can be too sizeable to move easily sometimes and are designed with the purpose to complement your kitchen. Try to position this item in the corner, so that it does not get in the way of your regular kitchen duties. 

6. Put away items and clean as you go

Putting a conscious effort into cleaning up for two hours is always more demotivating than putting things away as you use it. If you make the effort to routinely to do some of the following steps, it will be a habit and require little effort to fully maintain a spotless kitchen:

a) put away the dishes immediately once done with,

b) put away clean dishes immediately once done so you never have to put a dirty dish in the sink,

b) put away the items used to prep your food once you're done with using it in the kitchen,

c) wipe the counter down at the end of the day

What do you think of these tips and have they helped when you put them in practice? Let me know in the comments section below. 





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