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The Best of Fendimania (a Fendi x Fila collaboration)

This week I've been obsessing over the new Fendi x Fila collaboration. Aptly named Fendimania, this capsule collection started with an instagram post that mashed up the Fendi and Fila logo together that caught the attention of Fendi's creative director. The lux athleisure wear collection features Fendi's logo and branding intertwined with the Fila brand font and red, white and blue color scheme. The pricing of this collection is in line with Fendi's brand. I've combed through the entire collection and selected my favourite pieces from this collection that fit my aesthetic. Check out my picks below where I also recommend which pieces might fit best fit in your wardrobe and how I would style them.

*Keeping in mind I have both Canadian and US readers, the majority of sites I link to can ship to both USA and Canada and have free shipping and return policies. I will indicate if otherwise in the item description. Dollar figures listed are in USD.



My Fendimania (Fendi x Fila) Picks

FENDI BELT BAG White leather belt bag ($1,690 USD)

FENDI White leather belt bag ($1,690 USD)

The epitome of the athleisure trend right now are bum bags. This Fendi x Fila belt bag design has the perfect mix of the Fendi logo and Fila style. You can style this a number of different ways with your athletic wear - around the waist, over the shoulder and across the body. The color scheme of the bag also allows it to be paired with a wide variety of colors. Made of leather and gold metal accents, you can dress this bag up with a pair of black bike shorts and a tailored black blazer for a cool girl look, or with a fur jacket for more glam.

Keep in mind the bum bag is a current trend. If you're trying to save up for a versatile classic bag, this might not be what you're looking for.




FENDIMANIA DRESS Black jersey dress ($1,980 USD)

FENDI MANIA SNEAKERS Multicolored tech fabric high-tops ($1,190 USD)

One of the more understated pieces from the collection, this sporty midi dress can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers or dressed up with a pair of pointed toe thigh high boots. This is also sold with a full Fendi logo print, but I prefer this version as works better with my classic wardrobe.

Fendi Mania Zip-Front Track Jacket $890

Fendi Mania Zip-Front Track Jacket $890Fendi Mania Zip-Front Track Jacket $890

A classic Fila look, this track jacket replaces the Fila logo with Fendi in this fun collaboration. Best paired with the matching sweats, you can also layer this over a red turtle neck or a dark blue bodysuit to match the arm design.

*NOTE: Bergdorfs may have additional delivery charges to Canada - purchase on the Fendi website if you would like to save on shipping/returns.

Fendi Mania Track Pants $490

Fendi Mania Track Pants $490

These pants pair perfectly with the track jacket and almost half the price. This is gorgeous when paired together as a set, but if buying both is too much for you, I would get the jacket over the pants. I think the detail in the jacket cuffs, sleeves and back make it a more stand out investment piece than these logo pants.

*NOTE: Bergdorfs may have additional delivery charges to Canada - purchase on the Fendi website if you would like to save on shipping/returns.



This is one of the most versatile pieces from the collection. You can wear this as a swimsuit but also as a bodysuit. Pair this with a pair of red joggers, heels and a belt bag in the summer for an undeniable fashion statement. Layer it over a thin white turtle neck and a pair of black cargo pants for colder weather. Keep in mind this has a low scoop back and may not be suitable for you if you don't like to go braless.

FENDI Frayed printed silk-twill scarf $170

FENDI Frayed printed silk-twill scarf$170

If you love the new Fendimania collection but don't want to spend too much on the style, this silk twill scarf might be perfect for you. One side is the typical Fendi logo print and the other side is the Fila style Fendi print. There are many ways to style a skinny scarf with your outfit, like wrapping it around the handle of your handbag to add sporty vibes. If you need more ideas on how to style a skinny scarf, you can see how I style a twilly scarf in this article - "5 Modern ways to wear the Hermes Twilly Scarf".



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